What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest

Hey, What is Pinterest?


By now you have probably heard of the hottest new social thing on the What is Pinterestinternets, Pinterest, but what is pinterest?.


Pinterest is kicking butt. It is a social bookmarking sight where you “pin” images from around the web or upload from your computer and collect them in categorized “pinboards” for easy access to your social network for “re-pinning”, think “re-tweeting”, and for new people who share the same taste and interests to find you!

What is Pinterest How does Pinterest work?



Pinterest Traffic

Currently Pinterest is in Beta and is by invitation only. Even so, It is the fastest website in history to get 10 million uniques and they did it faster than the big 3 COMBINED!! What is Pinterest secrets? Visual stimulus plus social interaction, that’s what is Pinterest hook!

Avg. Pinterest User

So who are all these people flocking to this secretive website with invitations?

75% are women

75% of those are 18-40

nearly 25% make 6 figs!

And they stay on for an avg 5 minutes longer than on FB!

That’s right! The ladies are holding it down over at Pinterest and turning the owners and those savvy enough to adapt their business model to Pinterests format early, into millionaires!

What is Pinterest going to do for my business?

With all that lady cash flying around over there I’m sure you want to know how to capitalize quick and early.

Got a boutique shop you need to promote? Huge on Pinterest!

So is DIY, Decor and FOOD! Those are the biggest repinned items! Of course fashion is right up there, so the possibilities to market to your niche are endless!

Imagine if you were one of the first to figure out FB or twitter!

Well here is another chance and it’s targeted!


Would you like to get in on the fast track to pinterest for business?

Follow this link to a FREE Report for more information:

What Is Pinterest? Can I Profit With Pinterest?

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